Traffic Jams and A Case of Classical Conditioning

Why has the police put up roadblocks in response to the Hindu Rights Action Force (HINDRAF) rally planned for this coming Sunday? And why put up roadblocks 3 days before the event?

Traffic Jam HINDRAF
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Here’s why, says City police chief DCP Datuk Zul Hasnan Najib Baharuddin, as quoted in The Sun.

City police chief DCP Datuk Zul Hasnan Najib Baharuddin said the roadblocks were put up at all entry points leading to the city as a preventive measure and to curb crimes due to the rally planned by Hindraf this Sunday.


We know the roadblocks will cause jams but we have to do this to prevent any criminal act which may occur on Sunday. We have to be pro-active by taking precautions such as checking cars for weapons or other prohibited material.
“Our roadblocks will go on for 24 hours over the next few days and until the rally is over. ” he said, while advising motorists heading towards the British High Commission to take alternative routes to avoid the expected traffic jams on Sunday.

How do you curb crimes by having roadblocks? If there’s a specific car that you are looking for, or a specific wanted person, then I guess that makes sense. But how are you going to decide who is acting suspiciously and who is carrying weapons? Racial profiling? Psychic powers?
And if people wanted to bring weapons into the city, wouldn’t people hell-bent on causing chaos get into the city via light rail? An unassuming looking person can easily conceal a weapon in his knapsack and no one would ever guess. So are you policing the light rail stations as well? You better be doing that, or you’re just doing a half-assed job.

I am quite sick of the propaganda that is being published by the government-owned media with the police complicit to this act. Do you see what the government is trying to do to it’s people?
It’s a classic case of Pavlov’s classical conditioning, where the dog, by habit, salivates because they think food is coming when it hears a ringing bell.

Pavlov’s Experiment
Cause: Bell
Effect: Food
Response: Salivate

In Malaysia,
Cause: Demonstrations
Effect: Mind-numbing traffic jams
Response: Hate demonstrators and demonstrations

Are you Pavlov’s dog?
From Wikipedia:

The phrase “Pavlov’s dog” is often used to describe someone who merely reacts to a situation rather than use critical thinking.

The government seems to think you are. Rise above all this propaganda and don’t be one.

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