Prepare To Vote: Check Your Registration Status Online

One of the short term purposes of this blog is to encourage people to vote in the next general elections. The elections are rumored to be coming soon, probably sometime in March 2008, during the school semester break. Certainly, one of the first steps to get involved in the whole process is to first register to become a voter. If you haven’t, it’s still not too late to do so at your nearest post office. It’s even better if you show up in Putrajaya, because there is proof that you will get on the electoral roll quicker (where normally it would take around 3 months).

If you’re already registered a long time ago, it is always good to check your status, and find out if you’re registered in the right constituency. It also helps for you to check before going to any polling station, in case you go to the wrong one (already happened to my Dad twice). You can check your status here:

To those that just registered or changed their address to vote since 3 months ago, the Elections Commission has just released the 4th quarter 2007 list of new voters and also voters that applied for an address change. You can use this specific page to check if you are already on the electoral roll:

If you wanna be doubly sure, you could also check the list of voters in pdf format here:

Note: The PDF format of electoral rolls are quite privacy-unfriendly. Extremely dangerous when it falls into a stalker’s hands.

If you already registered, but your name is not in the list yet, why don’t you share with us when you registered and see if it should be in the list. If it’s not, you could actually make an appeal.

Note #2: The EC website is at It starts off by asking you if you want to access the English site, or the BM site. I suggest using the BM site, since it gets updated more.