443354 People Must Feel Cheated Right Now

In the 12th General Elections last March, the people of Perak chose to kick Barisan Nasional out of power in Perak. Unfortunately, the majority voices were sidelined when the Sultan of Perak, DYMM Sultan Azlan Shah refused to dissolve the state assembly, paving the way for Barisan Nasional to reclaim power.


Here is why I think the Sultan actions have shown that he might not be acting in the people’s best interest:

1) On March 8th 2008, 443354 (53%) people voted for Pakatan Rakyat in Perak, while 400682 (47%) people voted for Barisan Nasional. The Sultan is indirectly telling 53% of us in the state to live under a state government that we did not elect.

2) Instead of affirming BN’s majority in the state assembly via a no confidence vote against the sitting MB, Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin, the Sultan has basically asked the Menteri Besar and the entire state exco to tender their resignations immediately, or their post will be declared vacant. Whether or not this is legal under the Perak Constitution, I am not certain.

3) Has the Sultan gotten reports from the ground that the people of Changkat Jering, Behrang, Bota, and Jelapang still agree that the people representing them in the state assembly is still who they want, after what has transpired?

4) The haste in which the Sultan is swearing in the new Menteri Besar is shocking as well (according to some rumors, it is actually happening right as I am typing this now), without even bothering to wait for the decisions in the court on whether the resignation letters of the ‘independent’ assemblypersons were valid or otherwise.

The right thing to do was to let the people decide again. Instead, with the powers vested in the Sultan to do the right thing, I can only say he dropped the ball on this one.

The Sultan has lost the respect of many of his subjects today, me included.

I shall end here now, because the grapes are tasting real sour, but suffice to say, me and 443353 other people will be feeling disappointed and angry today.

Daulat Tuanku, and if it’s any consolation, I think the best thing to do is still to allow the state assembly to be dissolved and power to be returned to the people, if it is not too late already.