Black Is Bad

I’ve not been blogging for how long now? It’s not just the so-called political fatigue, it’s also having to spend time on my new job having to build a solid reputation, or in other words, to “recession-proof” my job.


The purpose of this blog has, and always will be about Malaysians spewing forth from their mouths their idiocy and hypocrisy. And during the time that this blog was inactive, there has been so much that has been bloggable, and from both sides of the political divide.

But I stayed silent. Seriously, if 50 other bloggers were gonna write about it, and I didn’t have a fresh opinion, I see no point rehashing the same arguments that can be read elsewhere.

But some events leading up to the state assembly sitting in my hometown Ipoh on May 7th has awakened my desire to write and to just get things off my chest.

First, was last night’s arrest of Wong Chin Huat, an activist, for organizing a campaign called 1BlackMalaysia. It was to be a campaign of ‘civil disobedience’ and encouraged people to wear black as a sign of protest during the assembly sitting called by the BN government.

His crime? Sedition. What was seditious? Inciting people to wear black.

Then, it was today’s arrest of 3 people for sending a birthday cake to Najib’s office to mark Altantuya’s birthday (video here). Pointless gesture? Yes. Illegal? Absolutely not.

Sani Md Shah, Saufi Mihat, and Yasir Sheikh Abdul Rahman, I feel for you. Note to self: Do not bring cake near PM’s office.

Then came the arrest of opposition politician Mohd Sabu, purportedly for organizing a prayer session tomorrow morning in Manjoi, near Ipoh.

Finally, just an hour ago, 14 people were arrested for holding a candlelight vigil for Wong Chin Huat outside the Brickfields police station. I assume that the police will probably investigate them for illegal assembly.

I bring you back to Najib’s inauguration speech:

In the coming weeks, I will be consulting with people around our country, as I begin to reshape the leadership and priorities of the Government. I am mindful that we should build on the successes and lessons of the past. It must be a government with new approaches for new times – a government that places a priority on performance, because the people must come first.

What Najib doesn’t realize is that the people are trying to give him feedback, and he just happens to be ignoring them. All pretense of him listening to the people is now obvious for all to see.

Oh, and what is the point of this post, if there weren’t any stupid quotes? I leave you with the chief of police, Musa Hassan, a favorite character around this blog:

Police have today obtained a court injunction which will empower them to arrest on sight any member of the public seen within the vicinity of Perak state secretariat building.

The court injunction bars all supporters of political parties from gathering within 500 meters of the building, where the controversial state assembly sitting will be held tomorrow.

Supporters from both Pakatan Rakyat and Barisan Nasional are expected to turn up to support their respective sides in the on-going power struggle to control the state.

Inspector general of police Musa Hassan (left) has warned the public not to wear black tomorrow or to gather to protest against the assembly sitting.

β€œThe police will not hesitate to take action including arresting those who gather to protest or tried to stop the state assemblypersons to thwart the assembly.

“We will ensure that no one can create trouble by foiling anything that has been decided by the law. We also assure safety for all the assembymen.”

Source: Malaysiakini

Apparently, wearing black is now illegal. To those members of the public planning to wear black tomorrow, I suggest you don’t tempt your fate like those 3 poor chaps who delivered the birthday cake. If you’re just planning to go for the slimming look, I suggest wearing something with vertical stripes instead. πŸ˜›

Musa Hassan says the darndest things!